If your Wi-Fi isn’t performing up to your expectations, there are many things you can do about it and up the speed to meet your needs.

Wi-Fi speed is the one thing many of us never think about much unless we start finding it difficult to stream content, download or upload files to the cloud, or when the browser continues spinning without loading any content.

When it comes to streaming IPTV content, your Wi-Fi speed is very critical – much as crucial as the quality of IPTV services you are using. When everything else is set and in place, slow Wi-Fi can make watching IPTV tedious and boring. No one wants to wait until forever to load their favorite shows or get interrupted in the middle of an interesting movie because of a slow internet connection.

Below are five fixes to boost your Wi-Fi speed and get the best IPTV streaming experience ever.

Five ways to boost your Wi-Fi speed for IPTV streaming

Restart your router

Restarting a device is almost always the first step any IT expert will recommend when you are having any challenge with your Wi-Fi connection.

Most times, when electronic devices like your routers have stayed on for a prolonged period, they tend to heat up, and their performance slows down. Restarting the device can help it to cool down a little and load the operating system properly again.

Update your router firmware

Updates are an essential part of any modern device. This is because updates tend to come with fixed bugs and security patches to keep you safe from hackers.

Also, most router manufacturers are always devising new means of eking more speed out of their routers. Ensuring that your router firmware is up to date can easily help you get the best speed the product will have to offer at the moment.

The next time you find your Wi-Fi slowing down or finding it difficult to load your IPTV channels, you might want to try updating your router’s firmware and seeing if it fixes the issue.

Change the location of your Wi-Fi.

One way to ensure you are getting the most juice out of your router is to place it in a favorable ‘hotspot.’

Location matters a lot when it comes to your router and its speed. Certain materials affect the signals your router emits, which can reduce the router’s performance. For instance, metals tend to affect the signals a router emits, which can severely reduce its speed—as such, keeping your router away from a metallic enclosure can help you get more from the router.

You may also want to avoid placing your router in the kitchen as it is a hot zone for microwaves, which often interfere with its signal.

Limit devices and optimize settings

Playing online video games, video chatting, streaming IPTV, etc. with multiple devices connected to the same router all at the same time can significantly reduce the speed of your router.

With all other conditions fixed, your internet speed will be significantly proportional to the number of connected devices. As such, limiting the devices connected to your network simultaneously can help boost your Wi-Fi strength. If you are not using a device, you may want to turn its Wi-Fi off, so it doesn’t get to use up precious space.

You can also fine-tune your device settings to give priorities to each app. Firewall apps can help you select those apps you want to connect to the internet, and when the internet is available, only those app will make use of your bandwidth. This can help boost the strength of your Wi-Fi.

Get a Wi-Fi booster

Wi-Fi boosters are also called Wi-Fi extender or repeater. It is a simple device that can take your existing network and rebroadcast it as a new network. While the new network is essentially your old network, it tends to be stronger and faster as the extender routes every traffic through the new network before getting it to the main network.

The strength of your internet connection is critical when it comes to streaming IPTV. After getting a good IPTV subscription from a reliable IPTV provider, you can use the above five steps to boost your Wi-Fi speed for the best streaming experience.

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