Lately, there has been a lot of buzz flying around about IPTV houses been raided and shut down by federal agencies all over the world.

These raids often include popular IPTV service providers who everyone supposes are legally into the game and will have the full backing of the law. Surprisingly, these providers are been raided and shut down simultaneously as the feds increase their tracking and cracking process.

If you are suddenly finding it difficult to access your content or if your IPTV services suddenly went offline as of late last year or even this year, chances are, your operators have been raided and shut down by federal agencies.

Gears reloaded is one of the most popular IPTV service providers with thousands of users. The company, however, was raided by the FBI on the 20th of November 2019 and most of the owner’s properties were confiscated including computers, SD cards, television sets, cars, and millions of dollars from the company’s account. The justification for this raid is that the FBI believes the company has a questionable tax track record. Gears reloaded is currently offline and is no longer offering any services to its subscribers.

On July 30th, 2018, Fab IPTV was also raided by Europol and was forced to shut down its operation immediately after the raids. Earlier this year, Vaders IPTV – one of the most popular IPTV services with millions of subscribers – suddenly came up with an official statement announcing their shutdown.

While the reason for Vaders IPTV’s sudden shutdown is not really known, there are many pointers that the company is probably shutting down its services as a result of pressures from third-party providers whom copyrighted contents the company may be offering to its users without the owner’s permission.

How IPTV raids and shutdowns affect you?

With the crackdowns of IPTV providers by the feds, you might be wondering what the big deal is anyways and how it can affect you as an IPTV user.

The truth is, there are many downsides for using an IPTV service especially when such is free. Aside from the inconveniences of having to look for a new IPTV provider and having to pay for a new subscription plan after your subscription has been cut short as a result of a raid and shutdown, a can still do, more harm as an IPTV user.

Take for instance, when Ace TV – a popular IPTV provider – was exposed for broadcasting copyrighted contents in 2018, the owners of the TV agreed to make a settlement of £600,000. To come up with the money, the company was liquidated and during the liquidation process, the company passed all of its users’ data to the Premier League as well as the companies involved in the liquidation process.

During a raid, users’ data are often taken along, and if the company is been sold, shut down, or liquidated such data are transferred to the new owners without any say from the users. This kind of data involves everything you provide your service providers during sign up such as credit cards, PayPal, home address, phone number, etc. Raids in all essence mean that your private information has been compromised.

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