SkyStream review and how to setup – 2020

SkyStream is now a household name in the streaming box industry – thanks to its first android tv box – the SkyStream one which was in every way a high-end performing device and can compete with almost any device at the time in its category. The SkyStream one, however, seems like a long time ago as it has now evolved into the SkyStream two.

Today, the SkyStream 3 plus is the latest addition into the brand’s array of streaming devices, and it is quite impressive to see the company maintaining the same high-quality design and performance in this new cutting-edge device.

The SkyStream 3 plus has quickly gained a reputation among users and is well known for its impressive performance and speed.

SkyStream 3 plus an overview

When it comes to buying a media streaming device, some of the most important features to look out for are the RAM sizes, the processor, the internal storage, and the build quality. Most streaming boxes are like your smartphone; the SkyStream three-plus runs on the Android operating system.

If the above-listed features are below standard, you’ll most likely end up frustrated with the streaming box. Take, for instance, if the processor speed is not up to par, your device will be very sluggish, and your menus may not switch as quickly as you want. Sometimes, the TV may even freeze in the middle of a program.

The SkyStream three plus is fitted with a quad-core processor which is clocked at a speed of 2.0GHz, which is an overkill considering that the android operating system tends to run smoothly on much less processing speed. The processor is coupled with a 4GB RAM which is another overkill since most smartphones have lesser RAM and will still play high-end games without lags.

The device is also fitted with a 16GB internal memory as opposed to most devices within its price category, which is fitted with lesser internal memory. Another plus side is the SD card slot built into the side of the device which allows you to copy content from and into the device when you need to transfer such contents.

The device comes with spaces for an ethernet connection. It also supports wireless connection as its inbuilt Wi-Fi supports 802.11 ac and 5Ghz band for superior connection speeds. The wired connection can go up to a speed of 1000MB/s, allowing for effortless streaming of 4K contents.

The SkyStream device if anything is overkill for the average user and comes at a very competitive price.

It features a functional Google Play Store, and you can find and install hundreds of apps from the Play Store. Like other android tv boxes, you can access an IPTV subscription with the SkyStream three-plus box.

IPTV is an internet protocol television. It allows you to watch thousands of channels using your internet connection on your streaming box. We provide IPTV subscription services, and our services are compatible with the SkyStream three-plus. We have hundreds of HD channels, live tv shows, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and videos all lined up for you.

How to set up IPTV on your SkyStream three-plus device

SkyStream comes with the google play store app pre-installed. You can search the play store for an IPTV streaming app such as Perfect player or Smarters Pro.

Install the app and click on the add new user in the app interface. Add the m3u URL you got from your IPTV provider, and the app will refresh automatically to load your channels. If the app does not refresh by itself, you can close and restart it again.

The SkyStream three is a powerful device and one of the best media streaming devices you can get for yourself. If anything, the features are more than needed for great performance in a streaming device.

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